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A zone with many different microclimates, terroirs and vineyards

<strong>The Euganean Hills, a zone where soft, rolling hills kiss the sky</strong>. A region of volcanic origin measuring twenty kilometres in length by ten in width, with an astonishing biodiversity which is reflected in its many different soil types. It is between these hills that we tend our vines with constant patience, care and love, because they too are now part of our family.

<strong>We now have vineyards on Monte Venda, at Villa dei Vescovi, Torreglia, Due Carrare and Montegrotto Terme</strong>, and each one of these vineyards is managed differently in relation to exposure and the specific microclimate of the individual area. This lets us get the best out of every vine, and transform each grape into the highest quality wine possible.

<strong>This is how we take advantage of the uniqueness of a territory</strong> with both warmer and cooler zones, and even certain areas caressed by the influence of the sea breeze. An area with long-standing winemaking roots where the soil seems to have been created for the specific purpose of growing Pinot, Cabernet, Merlot and Serprino, and for bringing out astonishing aromas and flavours from each of these varieties.

vigneto sui colli euganei

There’s a whole world to discover around our winery

As well as the famous wines of the Veneto, there's so much more to discover here. Our advice is to set aside a few hours more, and explore the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills and the hidden wonders just a few kilometres from our winery at a relaxed pace.

Come and visit the winery, you’ll be welcomed with a glass of wine and lots of helpful advice

It doesn’t matter whether you're an aficionado of the wines of the Euganean Hills or a tourist visiting our region. We're always here for a wine tasting and to offer advice on where to stay, or where to rent a bike for discovering our area at your own, relaxed pace.