Bulk wine to bottle - grape harvest 2017

The bulk wine is the origin . The cellar Salmaso James has kept this tradition that has allowed over the years to preserve the cultural side of the wine. The ritual with the bulk wine takes place every year in early spring until the month of May. The meeting and the participation of customers goes far beyond the purchase of a bottle and allows us to maintain the relationship between wine and genuine people. It 'started the sale of wines by bottle : Sweet Moscato- Marzemino sweet- Raboso sweet- Glera lovable- Manzoni Bianco- Pinot Bianco- Tai- Cabernet- Merlot. The first rule for the bottling of the wines is mainly that it's a beautiful day (not in the rain ) . For sweet wines and lovely bottle is advisable to dusk moon ( hump on the east ) . Another important trick for sweet wines and a lovely bottle is appropriate (suitable for sparkling wines ) being careful not to fill it too : you have to leave about 5/6 inches of space between the level of the wine and the cork. Period for bottled sweet wines and lovable : waning Moon from March 13 to 27, April from 12 to 25 and May from 11 to 24.

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